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Tricia Swartz
September 5, 2012 | Tricia Swartz

It's Almost Time!

Fall is right around the corner, which means harvest is too! We spent the long weekend up in Paso, here are a few pics of the vineyard. Canopies are well-developed, grapes are rapidly ripening, and some work was done on the 30 acres we are going to plant next Spring. Next vineyard update will be of harvest!

Syrah vines soaking in the last of the day’s sun.

Syrah grapes will be the first to be harvested.

Young Viognier vines. Just a few more years until we harvest these!

Merlot vines. We mark the vines we plan to hold back for Record Family Wines with white tape.

If you look close, you can see a “scarecrow” in the vines. Scaring the dangerous starlings from destroying the vulnerable grape clusters!

Ripe Merlot clusters. Just a few more weeks until the sugar content is high enough to harvest!

Randy clearing trees in preparation for the 30 acre planting next Spring.

Watching the sun go down on our last night of the long weekend!


How did you celebrate Labor Day Weekend?

Time Posted: Sep 5, 2012 at 8:52 PM