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Record Family Wines

Tricia Swartz
March 25, 2013 | Growing Cycle, Paso Robles, Vineyard, Weather | Tricia Swartz

The Growing Cycle: March

Finally, some action in the vineyard! Crews have pruned 95% of the vines so far and now we are awaiting bud break. The remaining vines (all Syrah) have not been pruned yet because they are planted in the lowest part of the vineyard which is susceptible to the coldest temperatures. We have delayed pruning these vines to further protect them against frost. Check back next month to see the first signs of growth for the 2013 vintage!

[Merlot vines, all cleaned up!]

Merlot vines, all cleaned up!

[Pruned Merlot vine.]

Pruned Merlot vine.

[Waiting for bud break!]

Waiting for bud break!

[Hoping for more rainfall this year, so far one of the driest on record.]

Hoping for more rainfall this year, so far one of the driest on record.



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