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Record Family Wines

Sara Record is an integral part of our team, and family! She is the talent behind all of our beautiful photography and stellar social media posts. Sara and her family (husband Clayton and two vivacious girls, Hazel and June) are permanent fixtures at the vineyard whenever an event is taking place, or they have a chance to get away in their motorhome for a weekend. They bring the fun, incredible helping hands, and a passion that is contagious to everyone around them.
When asked what she likes most about her role at Record Family Wines, Sara says "I love sharing a peek into the amazing people and work involved behind the scenes of Record Family Wines through our social media posts. The family history in farming, family involvement, and the sustainability practices at the vineyard are some of the things that make Record Family Wines an incredibly unique and special company. I love trying to tell these stories through photos and video that we share with all of you! I also really love my involvement with events because there's nothing more rewarding than seeing happy customers with a glass of wine in their hand and smiles on their faces."
In addition to enjoying "a big old medium rare rib eye and a glass of Randy's Red" Sara loves to spend time with her horses. "Horseback riding is one of my true loves in my life. I've been horse crazy from the first time I was around a horse as a small child and every single time I walk up to the barn and see my horse, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have the honor of riding my majestic beast. Photography has become a new love of mine. There's something very magical about freezing a genuine moment in time."
Be sure to smile for this future cowgirl when you see her at our next event. You could end up on our Instagram or Facebook page!